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GHS Academy - Global Leadership Programme

Being the Difference in Our Global World




Being the Difference in Our Global World

This exciting new course is connected to our existing GHS Leadership programme, and our “Be the Difference, to Ourselves, Others and the World” mission, and is planned for 2021!

Selected international students will work alongside a dedicated group of Year 6 GHS students and participate in a carefully deigned course with regular peer interaction that explores global issues through collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Through the use of technology students participate in a blend of live lessons, small group work and other digital and off-line activities, meaning international students get an authentic view into class life, and of NZ teaching with direct interaction and communication with both with teachers and peers every week.

This is a programme that develops each student’s own leadership skills through the exploration of global issues. Students will be given strategies and guided through skill building activities to identify their own strengths, skill sets, and attitudes.

Then working in teams with their international peers they will utilise these strengths as they contribute to the group project. With a focus on collaboration and communication this course will see students work toward a common team goal, with an emphasis on maximising the project outcome, and their own development to the full potential.



The Course will run for eight weeks, and each week will have a variety of lessons and tasks and will take approx. 60mins to complete depending on the interest level of the student.

The Course will consist of:

  • 4 x Live virtual classrooms

  • 1:1 participation ratio of domestic GHS students to international students

  • Group discussions and teamwork

  • Live and asynchronous interaction

  • Additional lessons and activities through our platform


Participating students need to meet the following conditions:

  • Be aged 10 – 14 years *some exceptions may be granted, please contact us to express your interest.

  • Have a reasonable level of English. All lessons will be conducted fully in English, so students need to be able to understand a good conversational level of English to get the most benefit from participating. *some of the material may be able to be translated however we encourage English wherever possible.

  • Students must behave in an appropriate manner and meet the behaviour expectations and code of conduct.

  • Students will need access to a device on which they are able to enter our course platform and complete activities, and access microphone and camera functions. While the course is accessible on a mobile phone a laptop, PC or tablet is recommended. A printer is not required.

  • They will also need a reliable internet service capable of streaming video conferences.




Throughout the course students will develop the following competencies and skills:

  • Self-management – including goal setting, time management, responsibility, and evaluation and reflection.


  • Collaboration – Working collectively and co-operatively within a team, students will find common connections, identify strengths, and assign roles and work toward a goal together.


  • Communication – Building skills to confidently communicate with peers, adults and experts, in both formal and informal contexts, and using written and oral skills to culminate in a final team project presentation, and evaluation of their peers. Students will learn about different communication styles, how to read body language, and how share and discuss ideas in a team.


  • Critical Thinking – Students will learn how to use charts and diagrams to organise, analyse, and summarise information given to them, how to assess evidence within inference writing material, how to ask key questions and to use reasoning to make conclusions and decisions.  Students will use critical thinking to continually evaluate the projects process and their own progress.


  • Creativity – Students will be given techniques to develop creativity including exploring issues, identifying opportunities, using initiative, elaborating on ideas, using brainstorming individually and as a group, and problem solving in creative methods.


  • Cross-cultural Awareness – Students will gain insight and understanding of each other’s perspectives, attitudes and communication styles while building global friendships.


  • English Language Development - The whole programme is delivered in English so students will get to practice their English language skills in authentic contexts and meaningful ways.


These are all essential leadership skills that students will need as they advance into their future studies and careers, and to ultimately be contributing and thriving in a global context. Prepare your student for a successful career, citizenship and life.


If you would like more information when our 2021 Global Leadership Programme is ready to launch please complete your details here and we’ll get in touch. 


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