Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team
  • Mrs Crosbie is the kindest and funniest principal on the planet -  Carlisle

  • Mrs Crosbie is the boss of the world -Year 1

  • She always does fun stuff with us, like going down the mudslide. She even threw mud at us!  - Room 13

  • Mrs Crosbie is really nice and always says hello to us. She is hardworking and has lots of funs ideas for our school -  Room 10

Mel Crosbie - Principal

  • Mrs Southgate can run really fast around the school!  -  Year 1

  • She always look as after us and she helps us to respect our school. She plays fun games in our assemblies -      George

  • She works hard and is a loving and kind person -  Room 10

  • She spends her time dealing with problems around the school - Finley

  • Mrs Southgate makes me smile. She is everything that is good, a really positive person -  Jiho

Fiona Southgate - Deputy Principal

Junior school Leader

  • Mrs Harrison is a great Deputy Principal. She is so hardworking -  Alyssa

  • She deals with our problems and is helpful with our learning - Will

  • She dressed up as an alien in assembly - she is so funny -  Cooper

  • Mrs Harrison is.very good at keeping secrets -    Jiho

Jacki Harrison - Deputy Principal


  • Mrs Taylor is a sporty, hardworking and cheerful teacher who is mostly known for managing our sporting activities. She makes it a lot of fun - Cody

  • Mrs Taylor is a kind and loving person. She makes our days better by creating great activities like maths and athletics day - Lariah

  • She encourages everybody to take part in all events. She also helps with camps - Bella

  • She is a very intelligent person, who does a lot to keep the school a tidy and healthy place -  Connor

Ruth Taylor - Associate Principal

Sports and International Student Leader

Purapura Year 0,1 and 2 Whanau Leaders

Gill Steel - Year 0 and 1


Abi Copley - Year 0 and 1


Melissa Stilwell - Year 2

Teina Year 3 and 4
 Whanau Leaders

Hayley Brass - Year 3

International Lead


Rebecca Wong - Year 4

International Lead

Tuakana Year 5 and 6
 Whanau Leaders

Ruth Trevathan - Year 5 

Science Lead


Nathan Hanwell - Year 6 

Community of learning lead

Teaching Staff

Dagmar Goodall - ESOL Teacher

Literacy Lead

  • Mrs Goodall is kind and funny and she helps us with our English -  Room 11 


  • Mrs Goodall always listens to us and she is so funny -  Benjamin


  • She is smart and amazing at English. She takes us to the beach for picnics -Jiho

  • Mrs Goodall is a nice teacher who loves to write -  Rachel  

  • She helps me to learn - Emma

  • She teaches me so many things. I really love to do Maths with her  - Indie

  • She always looks after us and takes care of us - Hunter

  • She lets us do exciting things and she lets us even do things by ourselves - Alice

Belinda Vrettos - Year 1

Room 1

  • Mrs Bevens is like a chatter box of learning -  Romi

  • Mrs Bevens is creative, like an artist -        Annabel

  • Mrs Bevens is a master at learning -Hunter

  • Mrs Bevens is like a fairy princess, because she is kind - Isabelle

  • Mrs Bevens is a like a book, she can teach us to read -  Alanys

Joann Bevens - Year 1 
Room 6

  • Mrs Creagh is kind because she helps us when we are stuck on our writing and reading. She is the best teacher I could ever have - Lilly-Ann

  • Mrs Creagh is kind because she encourages us and helps us - Millie

  • Mrs Creagh is creative because she is good at art and craft - Enzo

  • Mrs Creagh is a nice teacher because she teaches us cool stuff - Aidan

Melissa Creagh - Year 1 

Room 2

Kim Burton - Year 1
Room 5

  • I love the way she teaches all about letters - Caleb

  • She teaches me know to write - Summer

  • She teaches me right throughout the whole day - Avayan

  • Sometimes she lets me play with the dress ups - Hudson

  • I love Mrs Rae’s smile - Laison

Michelle Rae - Year 1 

Room 3

Screen Shot 2021-09-03 at 8.29.40 AM.png

Kieley Ekekanaye New Entrants
Room 6

Janet 2.jpg

Janet Cochrane - Year 1/NE

Room 4

sGillott (1).png

Steven Gillott - Year 3 and 4 
Room 7

Eve Kilvington - Year 2 
Room 8

  • She makes us laugh and she helps us sound out words in our writing - Elsie

  • Mrs Stilwell is kind and caring , she has a smiley face - Nora

  • She makes me happy because she makes sure I am safe - Kaden

  • Mrs Stilwell is kind and caring she helps me with my reading- Tegan

Melissa Stilwell - Year 2 

Room 9


Rhiannon Le Sueur Year 2

Room 10

  • She is the greatest teacher ever - Lily

  • She is always so nice and kind  - Vibhav

  • She gives us a present when we fill up our sticker chart - Jett

  • She  gives us marbles when we show good manners. We get to put them in the marble jar and then sit on the tiger. - Isaiah

  • She is very tall and has a beautiful smi- Marni

Junior Sports Lead

Denise Ayres - Year 1 

Room 11

Victoria Nealie -Year 1

Room 14


Environment lead 

Marie Brown - Sarah Bunting

Year 2 Teachers Room 16a

  • She is kind because she is a good person - Casey

  • She teaches us how to use the ipads - Zacharey

  • She is always nice and plays games with us - Shiloh

  • She teaches me and is helping me to learn how to read - Lilah

  •   I love her when she gets us to make pictures - Leo

Chloe Rice - Year 1 

Room 12

  • I like Mrs Wong’s class because we have a safe space and I can go there if I’m feeling anxious. – Carlos

  • Mrs Wong is a creative and fun teacher. I enjoy being in her class. My favourite bit is when she reads to us. – Alexie

  • Mrs Wong is responsible, she is the Year 3/4 Leader, kind and resilient. My favourite thing about Mrs Wong is she always knows what to do. - Mylo

Rebecca Wong - Year 3 and 4 

Room 15


Abi Copley - Year 1 

Room 13

Hayley Brass - Year 3 and 4

Room 16

image0 (1).jpeg

           Antica Hill -Year 3 and 4
Room 17


Chelsey Trautvetter - Year 3 and 4 

Room 18

  • Miss Williams is very kind and fun. She is creative and makes games that are fun to play. Sophie

  • Miss Williams helps people with their work and she makes math fun to learn. She is the best teacher ever. - Joni

  • Miss Williams is kind. She makes me happy - Sophia

  • Miss Williams is a star and the best teacher because she is nice and cares about us - Aya

Stephanie Williams - Year 3 and 4

Room 19

  • I like it when Ms Anderson teaches us maths - Kaden

  • I like reading with Ms Anderson - Thomas

  • Ms Anderson is a very good teacher because she does lots of kind things for us - Miette

  • Ms Anderson is kind and funny - Amber

  • Ms Anderson is beautiful - Amelia

Kelly Henton - Year 6 

Room 22

  • Mr. Hanwell's soul is filled with comedy and joy. He's immaculately dressed.- Elsa 

  • Mr. Hanwell is one of the fastest teachers in the school! He loves to make all of his students laugh out loud and make them feel good about themselves. - Maddie

  • I think Mr. Hanwell is a nice, funny teacher. He always turns the bad things good - Lukas

  •  His love for teaching is phenomenal. His soul holds love and happiness. - Jamie 

Nathan Hanwell - Year 6 

Room 20

  • Mrs Kiata is an extremely great teacher and she has an amazing personality.

  • She is very calm as a teacher and netball coach.


  • Mrs Kiata is very intelligent and she can do what ever she believes. She is really positive towards us.


  • Mrs Kiata teaches us lots of things, especially maths!

Math Lead 

Kirsten Kiata - Year 5 

Room 23

  • She is a very kind, patient and understanding teacher so everyone listens to her.


  • She is fair to everyone. she promotes a classroom culture where everyone feels valued and respected. 


  • She is fun and passionate when it comes to teaching us. she's really organised and extra efficient! She loves the classroom to be tidy.

Zelda Nielsen - Year 6 

Room 21

  • Ms Cammell is fantastic - like a shooting star

  • 'Ms Cammell is very funny and she teaches me lots.  I think she sparkles. She is very kind

  • Ms Cammell is amazing, awesome and spectacular

  • She helps me with my work

IT Lead 

Helen Cammell - Year 4 

Room 24

  • Mrs Trevathan is funny, intelligent and good at been really creative to help us learn.

  • Mrs Trevathan is an excellent teacher who doesn't do boring things. Everyday we do something different, she is very smart and can answer most of our questions. 

  • Mrs Trevathan is a calm, kind teacher with a level of patience. I would personally recommend her. 

Science Lead

Ruth Trevathan - Year 5

Room 25

  • She is humorous and always makes learning fun. She is kind hearted and adores her students no matter what. - Sophie


  • She's nice and helpful and she is the best teacher and you will love her. She is funny too. - Brody


  • She is funny and she is a mathematician. A bit bossy too. But a shiny personality and an open heart- Ben


  • She loves to listen to music, and loves to sing.- Mine

Travelwise Lead

Laura Thrush - Year 5 

Room 26

  • She is humorous and always makes learning fun. She is kind hearted and adores her students no matter what. - Sophie


  • She's nice and helpful and she is the best teacher and you will love her. She is funny too. - Brody


  • She is funny and she is a mathematician. A bit bossy too. But a shiny personality and an open heart- Ben


  • She loves to listen to music, and loves to sing.- Mine

Isobel Neville

Classroom Release Teacher


Lara O'Hara
Classroom Release Teacher

Support Staff
  • Lisa is a wonderful teacher aide. She always has a smile on her face and she is so lovely and kind.She does all she can for the school -Brooke

  • Lisa has a cool laugh and is a really kind library lady -  Year 1

  • Lisa is pretty and makes us smile. -         Georgia

Lisa Williams

 Teacher Aide / Librarian


Andrea Newton - Teacher Aide

  • Juanita - is resilient because she keeps on working even though her arm is sore -  Year 1

  • Juanita is smart, kind and caring. She works so hard in the TA room and looks after me at play and when I'm sad - Cooper


  • Juanita is kind and helpful in our class -  Udo

  • Juanita lets us play with her special lego set and she helps everyone with their work and helps us to solve our problems -  Malachi

Juanita Mills - Teacher Aide


Hayley is friendly and always has a smile on her face -  Bella


We love having Hayley in our class. She is smart and funny with a silly sense of humour. Hayley is kind, helpful, cheerful and we are very lucky to have her. We like it when she gets the giggles - Charlotte 

Halyey is very beautiful and I like Hayley very much -  JP

Hayley is really kind and always says nice things to people -  Year 1

Hayley Mahuru - Teacher Aide

  • Margaret - is a great story teller and she is really nice  - Year 1

  • Margaret is kind and helpful. She helps us with our writing -  Sophie

  • She helps us heaps when we're struggling - Azaliah

  • Margaret is a really amazing lady and she helps everybody -  Hunter

Margaret Heron - Teacher Aide

  • Sue is kind to all of us and she keeps us entertained at After School Care -Room 11

  • Sue is lovely and she sacrifices her time to take us out to the playground -  Will 

  • Sue is very caring and very good at playing cards with us  - Jiho

Sue Robinson

Reception / School Care

  • She's kind, she helps us learn when we are stuck - Zaylyn

  • She teaches me letters and its fun. She goes on the playground and we get to do the monkey bars - Braydon

  • She helps me with my words so I can learn - Shiloh

  • When you get stuck on a word she helps you out and she is a kind person. She helps us with our math too. - Lucas

Emma Perry - Teacher Aide


Kate Ogg - Reception


Sharon Beard - Finance

  • Richie is kind and he helps the school a lot. He is a very good caretaker who is happy all of the time -Joni and Lucas

  • Richie helps to keep our school safe and tidy - Year 1

  • He gets our balls back when they're kicked over the fence and makes the mud slide. He fixes the toilets and gives us house points -   Room 11

Richie Boutell - Property Manager


Miriam Davis 

International Student Coordinator

  • Jenny - is the nice lady in the office who tells us stories about her chickens and dogs -  Year 1

  • Jenny is good on computers and she is kind when we are sick -   Room 10

Bronwyn Swaffield

Reception / Medical

Alia Kapoor - Teacher Aide

Sian Bonner
Sian Bonner

Deb Fuller - Teacher Aide

Sally Harding

Sally Harding ESOL Assistant

Screen Shot 2021-09-03 at 1.17.13 PM.png

Erin Porter - Teacher Aide

Whaea Ana Caroll

Kapa Haka Leader

Sian Bonner
  • Whaea Ana is really good on the guitar and she teaches us lots of Maori words - Georgia 

  • She is so good at teaching us and is never bossy -  Emma

Whaea Ana Kapa Haka Lead