House Objectives

House groups will complement our school wide focus on Participating and Contributing to Society:

  • Leadership opportunities for both senior and junior members of our school.

  • Students will experience personal growth and development of team work.

  • Enhance both sporting and EOTC programs.

  • Give students a sense of both belonging and responsibility.

  • Opportunities for mentoring and mediating, positively resolving conflict.

  • Creates a culture of togetherness, belonging and been part of something bigger than ourselves.

  • Encourages students to recognise strengths of self and peers.

  • Provides pathways for team work, effective communication, sportsmanship and life skills.

  • Students will build relationships with others that are of different ages, ethnicities, gender and backgrounds.

  • Provides a safe and secure platform for competitiveness and learning how to win and how to lose.

  • Brings a diverse group of people together that are working towards a common goal.  

  • Provides an opportunity to recognise and celebrate both individual and team success.

House Organisation

There are four main house teams that children are assigned to at GHS.

Children from the same families will be placed in the same house. These groups have been named after islands in our Gulf and are also associated with a colour. This will help our younger students identify their group. 
Tee-shirts of the house colour are to be worn on house days.

Staff members are also assigned to a house to work together with our students encouraging:

good sportsmanship - team comradery - effective communication - healthy team spirit - the pursuit of success

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