Our School Vision

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Our Mission Statement

We see ‘All’ our students and staff strong and assured in their purpose, having a voice of influence and knowing they can make a difference.

Our school will be recognised for quality teaching and learning and for having high expectations in everything we do.

We see a learning community placing emphasis on exploring ‘real life’ contexts where everyone feels supported and actively engaged in their learning journey and where they are encouraged to take risks and ‘give it go’.

Gulf Harbour school is a place which celebrates individuality, excellence and creativity.

‘Be the Difference to Ourselves,Others and the World’ 

Kia Taumata rau,
Kia mātou, kia Koutou,
Ki te ao katoa

Our Principals

We believe that powerful learning involves authentic connections across the curriculum. This is evidenced through quality learning journeys that enable connections between thinking and learning and enhances each individual's academic, social and emotional (Hauhora) development.

Real Life Connected Curriculum
Te ora mau marautangna hono

We believe that students learn in different ways, that they have different needs and strengths and all have a voice in their learning. We strive for high expectations from all our learners to make progress in Reading, Writing and Math. This is evidenced by productive partnerships between teacher, student and whanau.

Making Learning Visible
Te ako kitea

We believe that high expectations drive quality outcomes. Our students use their own cultural beliefs, experiences and knowledge to “be the difference”. This is evidenced through our school culture that is united through respect, kindness and our school values

Having a Strong School Culture  
He ahurea kura kaha

We believe technology is a powerful resource and tool to support learning. We see our staff committed to providing and promoting digital opportunities within their programme to enable possibility. This is evidenced through the access and use that our school gives to the application of technology.

Future Focussed
Heke mai arotahi

Our school charter brings together future perspectives, strategic priorities and our annual plan. The charter is an annual document that takes the Board strategic goals outworked within the current year. Our charter is our plan of work for the year.

Teaching and Nurturing our Community Together
Our School Charter