A warm welcome to all the students and their families that are joining us this year in the Teina Whānau. We are so lucky in the middle school to have such a passionate team of teachers and wonderful students to work with.


This year our teachers are implementing a structured literacy approach, which is a highly explicit and systematic way of teaching all important components of literacy. These components include both foundational skills (e.g., decoding, spelling, handwriting and letter formation) and higher-level literacy skills (e.g., reading comprehension, written expression).


Over the coming weeks we will be exploring New Zealand history as part of our Inquiry learning. The children will have the opportunity to express and share their learning with you in a variety of ways.


We look forward to working in partnership with our Teina families and ensuring our students have a wonderful year of learning ahead.

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The Teina Whānau Teachers

Being in the Teina whānau is all about beginning to live and breathe our school values in everything that we do.

The Purapura teachers do such a fabulous job in setting our children up with a strong foundation and positive attitude towards school and learning.

In the Teina Whānau we build on this foundation empowering our students to take ownership over their learning, enabling them to recognise their success and identify their next learning steps.

We set high expectations for our students both in and outside the classroom and love to share the students' success with their families .


Term 1 is all about learning what it means to be in the Teina Whanau. We welcome our Year 3 tamariki, and prepare to grow our year 4 Students as leaders and role models who set a good example to their younger peers. During the term we focus on getting to know one another and setting up a positive learning environment for our students to become confident learners so they strive to ”Be the Difference.”


Through our reading and writing programmes, we explore learning about the Treaty of Waitangi and the history of Aotearoa, then come up with our own values and expectations we would like to live by in our classrooms through our own class treaties. 


Our Teina children get set up with their own school email address, and spend time on digital learning sites so they become more confident when using ICT. They use STEPS WEB for spelling, Google Classroom for everyday classwork, and many other math and literacy learning websites.


This term saw the Teina Whanau head off on the first school trip in several years! We got to visit MOTAT which was an incredible experience, and even involved getting there in a bendy bus! The children learnt about the Nature of Science, and enjoyed exploring the Museum, riding on a tram, and learning about forces, friction, axles, levers and more. This learning inspired a follow on of day long rotations within our whanau. The children enjoyed mixing different liquids to see what would happen, working with leaf blowers to learn about gravity and force, projecting things into the sky using rubber bands and bottles and experimenting with oobleck, just to name a few. To wrap all of our learning up, the last few weeks of term involved groups of children making their own cars out of recycled materials with the aim of being able to get down a ramp as fast as possible. This task was met with many challenges, such as how to put holes in bottle caps to make wheels, how to line up holes for an axle to go through, what could make our cars go faster, why aren’t our wheels moving etc. The children then presented their learning in a digital format of a slideshow presentation to share with their whanau during our Celebration of Learning. Wow - what a term! We are looking forward to more incredible learning next term.


The start of this term saw our Year 4 children attend Camp Merc. The children took part in some incredible activities such as kayaking, archery, orienteering, rock climbing and much more. The Camp Merc staff were so impressed with the behaviour and attitude of our children and we were so proud of our kids' resilience while staying away from their families for two nights and trying things that are new and a bit scary.

To kickstart our term 3 learning, we were lucky enough to host Riley from the Young Ocean Explorers who came and inspired our children to take an interest in protecting the incredible creatures we have in our Hauraki Gulf. As this term is all about exploring the Arts, we have enjoyed learning about drama and mime, how to project our voice and use it for effect, use musical instruments to keep the beat, and the Year 4 students have even had the chance to join our school dance group run by one of our talented teachers. We are also learning how to perform a song using sign language to share an important message. The teina children have also been creating beautiful pieces of ocean themed art showcasing some amazing sea creatures. We look forward to opening our classrooms in week 8 to share and celebrate our learning with the community. 


Will be updated later in the year.