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Become a Homestay Host Family

A great way to get involved with students from other countries and cultures is to host a visiting student.

We host groups throughout the year, with the peak seasons being the beginning of Term 1, and the beginning of Term 3. Students stay from 2 – 4 weeks, sometimes up to a full term.


By having a student stay as part of your family it is an amazing opportunity for our students and families to showcase our lifestyle here in Gulf Harbour and NZ, and to practice manaakitanga (hospitality) towards visiting students. It is also a great opportunity for our students to experience different cultures and share their learning experiences with others. Hosting can be a very rewarding experience with friendships formed that can last well after the student returns home. Guests are welcomed as part of the family, and included into normal family routines, and we try to match families with guests of similar interests as much as possible.


As a host you are expected to provide clean, comfortable surroundings, including a private bedroom and linen. Hosting includes three meals/day, and morning and afternoon tea, as you provide for your own family. Access to kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities is also required. Older students (age 10 and above) may travel without a parent, the younger students are accompanied, usually by the mother, so accommodation for two guests would be needed. Parents and child, and in some cases students travelling together, may share a room. Homestay families receive a payment to assist with the additional costs associated with hosting these visitors, $300/week for each guest you host. We provide 24 hour support to host families and visiting students.


If you are interested in becoming a Homestay Host Family, or would like more information please email

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