GHS School Donations 2022

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It takes a community and a lot of resources to raise a child. The following briefly explains how our school community is funded and where those funds are used. 

Being a decile 10 school Gulf Harbour School should in theory receive funding from two main sources. The first is an operational grant from the Ministry of education ($640,772.83 in 2020) which is to pay for the general running of the school and day to day maintenance of our property. However, there is a shortfall between what we receive from the Ministry and the funding we need to effectively run the school, the same as most other schools.

The other primary source of income for the school in theory should be the donations paid by parents. These donations, if received, are used to fund teaching and learning resources, additional teaching staff including performing arts and Kapa Haka instructors, teacher aids, a community family worker, additional school maintenance, subsidise trips and student activities and also fund the professional development of staff at Gulf Harbour School. 

Without these parent donations, many aspects of school life mentioned above are simply not affordable and cannot continue. We thank all those who pay their donations. 

Here is the GHS donation structure for 2022: 

1st child - $200 

2nd child and subsequent children- $100


To pay this donation, and any other school costs either, log in to your child's school account on HERO using the $ tab, visit the school office or set up an automatic bank payment using the following details:

Gulf Harbour School, ANZ Silverdale, 06-0383-0205854-00.

Receipts will be issued for all donations so that you can claim back the tax if you wish. 


We have a two year plan to completely redesign our big playground at the back of the school. There will be lots of fundraising events planned to support this along with community funding applications. However, this play equipment is not cheap and without the financial support from you the parents, this project will not be able to happen. We are really excited by this possibility and look forward to involving our children in the design and planning process.