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Gulf Harbour School is a Decile 10 school. As such, we receive the lowest possible level of funding from the Government to run our school.  The Senior Leadership Team and Board of Trustees work extremely hard throughout the year to manage these funds and ensure that our students get the best possible education.  In addition to this, our teachers, support staff and PTA Deckhands work tirelessly throughout the year fundraising to help provide the resources our children require.


In 2019 we trialled operating as a donation free school, unfortunately, this was unsuccessful.  Therefore this trial is being terminated from 2020 onwards.

In order to ensure the schools’ finances and resources work in the best possible way from 2020 Gulf Harbour School will return to asking for an annual donation for each child attending.  These donations form a vital part of the finance plan, and pay for key resources at our school that are not funded by the Ministry of Education. 

As we are a decile 10 school, the local community are seen as having the funds to help with resourcing the school through their donations, to help ensure all of our students have the opportunity to succeed and excel in school life. As a decile 10 school WE ARE NOT entitled to the $150 dollars the Ministry of Education gives for each student at some schools.

Here is the GHS donation structure for 2020:

1st child - $200

2nd child and subsequent children- $100

Without your school donation, Gulf Harbour School may not be able to afford to provide some opportunities for your children including (but not limited to):

  • iPads, Chromebooks, and other class technology

  • Teacher aides and additional staffing not funded by the Ministry of Education, to assist students, including those with learning and support needs

  • Support and extension programmes not funded by the MoE, such as Literacy and Mathematics support

  • School environment and improvements like new playground facilities, play equipment and maintenance.

  • Professional development for our teachers so they can continue to help students make progress in their learning and support their well-being 

  • Sporting programmes and initiatives

  • Additional resources to support our Te Reo,Science, Technology, and Arts curriculum

In order to provide the best possible opportunities for our children the Senior Leadership Team and Board sincerely hopes that we can rely on your continued support and payment of this donation.

To pay this donation, and any other school costs either, log in to your child's school account, visit the school office or set up an automatic bank payment using the following details: Gulf Harbour School, ANZ Silverdale, 06-0383-0205854-00. Receipts will be issued for all donations so that you can claim back the tax if you wish. 


In November 2016, the Ministry of Education made further clarification to their existing guidelines regarding what parents could and could not be charged for in State schools.

This has some significant implications for our school going forward. For example, for our camps we are unable to enforce payment for these. As a Decile 10 school, with less Ministry funding, the school cannot budget to cover the costs of class trips/ camps each year from school funds.  The contributions we request from parents are vital to be able to offer any such activities, and without all parents paying, we will be forced to no longer offer camps. While we are aware that payment can not be enforced, please appreciate that for camps and class trips to go ahead we are wholly dependent on these contributions from all parents.

If parents choose not to contribute for their children to enjoy activities like camps, we will be forced to cancel events in order to protect the school financially. We are now having to closely monitor the level of parent contributions, and this is going to determine our ability to continue to offer such trips/camps in the future.

In order to be fair to all we have decided that we will request a contribution each time a class excursion/ event is being offered throughout the year.  If we do not receive enough support from parents, we will cancel the events on a case by case basis and refund parents who did pay if an event is cancelled.

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss the payment options available, in confidence, please contact Mel Crosbie or email Any donation is gratefully accepted. Donations in excess of the requested donation amount are always welcomed. 

We do appreciate your support of our school not only from a donation request, but in the many other ways you support us with school events, activities and fundraising.

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