All applications for a refund must be in writing to the Principal.

If the student has enrolled but has not yet started the course:

  • Students must notify the school at least two weeks prior to their course commencing that they do not intend to start their course. The tuition fees may then be refunded in full, less $800 cancellation fee.

  • Withdrawing or transferring to another school without notification, may incur an additional penalty.

  • School registration fee confirming placement at Gulf Harbour School is non-refundable.

  • If the student has started the course and is still in the first half of the course, the tuition fee may be refunded less the following charges:​


  • A cancellation fee of $800;

  • The cost of the course up to the end of the current term;

  • The Government charges that apply;

  • Any commission that has been paid.

If the student has started the course and is in the second half of that course, the tuition fees may only be refunded if there are special reasons for the student leaving such as becoming seriously ill or a serious illness in the student’s family or some other special reason.


Refunds will be determined in the same manner as above.

If a refund is to be claimed, the parent of the student must:

  • Write a letter explaining the special reason(s);

  • Supply a medical certificate if deemed necessary by the Principal.


​The Principal will make the final decision regarding a refund in these circumstances.  There are NO refunds if the student has been asked to leave the school because of bad behaviour, poor attendance or because the student has broken the school’s rules.