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Students learn in fully integrated classes with talented teachers in a modern, comfortable and well-equipped environment, where the small class sizes ensure plenty of individual student attention. We encourage our international students to fully participate in all school activities including group work, education outside the classroom, field trips and sporting pursuits. They are paired with a buddy student who will help them understand the classroom and the school, and be able to assist them in adjusting to our teaching and learning methods, where we place an emphasis on exploring ‘real life’ contexts and supporting students to be actively engaged in their learning journey. We want our students to learn how to think creatively and independently, and encourage them to develop their individual abilities.

With dedicated international staff and a comprehensive orientation programme, Gulf Harbour School is the perfect way to gain experience in an international education environment.


Excellence in English

Many students come to improve their English language skill. Our specialised ESOL staff tailor programmes that cater to student’s individual capabilities and needs, and support them in developing comprehension in reading and listening, and to increase their spoken and written English skills. Combined with immersion in a mainstream classroom, and talking and interacting with local children there is plenty of opportunity to practice English.

An Education Beyond English

Our highly skilled staff at GH are not just teachers they are enablers of thinking, they are builders of character and they are developers of self-esteem and confidence. Our team are passionate about seeing students reach their potential, both academically and wholly in their lives.

By giving students the skills and strategies to think critically, to question and analyse, to be creative, to seek inventive solutions, to collaborate with others to achieve an outcome, and to communicate their ideas and messages, we teach them to be able to apply the knowledge they have learned.

We expose students to a thorough activities programme that includes plenty of opportunity for education outside of the classroom, sports training, cultural and performing arts, and participation in camps and other educational experiences.


An Experience Beyond Education

We focus strongly on values based behaviour, and extend our students through an exciting leadership skills development programme. This means that students gain important life skills and experience personal growth and improved team work.

Our emphasis on enriching student’s education helps to develop the whole child, and to build strength and confidence. As a school we teach and empower our students to be future leaders, to be change makers, to look to solve problems and to be the people who will make a difference in the world. This is the Gulf Harbour Difference.

We welcome you to experience an exceptional NZ education, to experience the Gulf Harbour Difference.

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