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“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom”

Through Inquiry, we plan to explore differing topic areas through our Waka Inquiry Process. This begins with Wondering, then Action, Knowledge and finally Application (WAKA). In 2023, we will be exploring what makes us who we are, and how well we can build and work as a team in Term One. In Term 2, we will focus on Curiosity, looking at evolution and taking a trip to Auckland Museum! 

In Term 3, we are basing our Inquiry around Cultural Diversity, culminating in our Showcase Arts Festival at Whangaparaoa College! Finally, we round off the year with Term 4 relating to Community Participation, building on the New Zealand Election and what makes great leaders what they are!


It is imperative that our students in Tuakana know their basic facts, which help provide the foundation and building blocks for Math confidence and progress. We also look at strong problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to have a positive growth mindset to enable success whatever the numbers throw at us!

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This year, we will be working through an excellent spelling, reading and grammar programme entitled ‘The Code’. This is a four-day weekly programme comprising a specific spelling pattern, which also involves reading, writing and, of course, spelling! This programme will be supported through Steps and homework activities.

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