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The GHS Deckhands are our school’s 'Home School Association'.
Just as a Deckhand aboard a ship helps with on board maintenance and assisting the captain in safely managing the vessel throughout its travels, we are the energetic, behind the scenes group that of parents, teachers and friends of the school from the wider community who are passionate about GHS and ensuring our children’s educational journey is well supported.
Our Meetings are held once a month, 7.00pm in the staffroom, and all are welcome to attend. The meetings are advertised on HERO.

Many hands make light work!
We have an app called SignUp which allows us to post a need for Helpers for activities, events, working bees and classroom help.

Following community feedback last term that indicated that parents were missing the community engagement. We are using 'Whatsapp' as a communication tool and you can join by sending your mobile phone number to is a free social networking service used for private communication within organisations. We hope to use this App to build connections between families and whanau, and community engagement with the school. 

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Raise Funds For Our School

Fundraising is an important part of the Deckhand's . functions and is vital to help the school achieve its shorter and longer term enhancement objectives.

As a Decile 10 school we receive NO additional funding from the government and we are expected to raise it from the surrounding community.

Anything that we wish to provide at the school, such as equipment, tech or playground gear are covered by our fundraising efforts such as Galas, discos, calendar art and other fundraising and initiatives.

Strengthen School Community and Spirit

One of our most important aims is to continue to grow and nurture the great positive community spirit we have within GHS and in our community.

We want our school to be one that we are full of pride for and in which all our families are actively involved. Additionally, the HSA forms a link between the school and wider community and looks for ways to increase our involvement in our local area, and conversely to engage more of our community with us.

Create Events and Provide Fun Experiences

Some of the most magical memories of school days come from the fun traditions, celebrations and activities children enjoy.

The deckhands work together to help add these into our kid's lives through fun events alongside normal school life.

Provide a Parent Based Support Network

A place for families of our school, where parents can ask questions about the school, where they can get information and support from a peer group.

We are a place to hold parent-based discussions on topics relevant to the school, to voice and discuss ideas as a community and give feedback to the school on how we would like to see our school grow.

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Being a part of the GHS Deckhands is both rewarding and fun, and there are many ways you can help and be a part of this important group and know that you are helping make your children’s experience at school a great one.  

The Deckhands work best when we have a wide mix of people with different skills and talents, who can lend a hand in many ways.
Please consider sparing a little of your time and skill to support our efforts, you can make a difference. 

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