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Gulf Harbour School Sports 2022

Gulf Harbour School has seen tremendous growth. The different sports that we have been able to offer after school has been significant, along with the fact that we have rarely ever turned a child away from wanting to play their chosen sport. A big thank you to all our parents who have generously given up their time, resources, and energy to help us thus far with sport.  



Up until 2015 Gulf Harbour Sports (not affiliated to the school) provided opportunities for children on the Hibiscus Coast to participate in regular sport. This came about by a group of hardworking mums who wanted extra curricular sporting activities for their children to participate in, that schools are not required to provide. This was a very efficient well organised group, unfortunately in 2016 this group folded due to the fact that people could no longer volunteer their time. This lead to a rapid decline of children having sporting options outside of school. In 2017 we decided to bridge the gap by providing our Gulf Harbour School children the opportunity to participate in sport after school. 



Moving into 2020 we are struggling to sustain this, the growth has been huge and like other schools in our area we may have to field smaller numbers of teams, and options. Clearly this is not something as a school that we want to do. We have been fortunate to date to have staff members giving up their own time to accommodate after school/lunchtime sports. However, with the increasing demands on our class teachers, we simply cannot expect the staff of GHS to continue this service. Gulf Harbour School will continue to coordinate these after school activities, however in order for us to move forward we are requiring adults from the community to volunteer their time to coach and manage teams.  



We are looking for people that are able to give up 45 minutes a week to regularly coach a team. Practices can be held here at school during break times, before school, or after school. The coach will also need to be able to attend the games. If you coach a team, your child can participate free of charge. 



We are also looking for Team Managers who will be responsible for notifying the team of game times, coaching sessions, and any administrative notes. If you manage a team, your child can participate free of charge. 


If you are interested and can commit to helping please email Ruth Taylor at 


Sports Uniforms:

Over the years we have lost many of our sports uniforms that we are no longer able to replace.  This year there will be a hireage charge for uniforms that are not our regulated PE kit. Hockey, and basketball uniforms will be hired out for an non-refundable amount of $10 per season.   


At Gulf Harbour School we are committed to promoting sport, fitness and physical well being and have signed a three year contract with ‘Innerfit’. This company will provide our staff with bespoke training around basic skills, teamwork and fitness so that all of our children can have access to a high quality sporting programme.

On behalf of Gulf Harbour School, thank you for your continued support, encouragement and positive feedback in regards to our sports programmes. We look forward to welcoming more people on board and ensuring that Gulf Harbour School can continue to offer a wide variety of sporting opportunities.

Please see below an overview of sports that GULF HARBOUR SCHOOL offers both in and out of school time  Inter-school competitions are run for Year 5 & 6 students,with the exception of Year 3/4 Rippa Rugby.

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